We are highly skilled glassblowers, we make what you ask us to make.

Stock items are simply bespoke items with higher quantities. We try to manufacture for chemists by badging on joints where we can and leaving the business end of the product clear to be viewed.

We care about what we produce – it’s our life and we try to do it well. As a chemist, we hope that you enjoy the products that you use as much as we imagine you do!

Core Range

The large and impressive A+ premium range is adaptable to every scientific requirement.

We carry a core range of stock items, then the rest is made to order. If sufficient demand is apparent, that product will become a stock item, or when adequate planning and dialogue has established firm ongoing demand, then we will turn the item into a call-off line.

Bespoke work is the same as standard production, just in smaller quantity. To take a simple example,we have a standard Anti-Splash Adapter in stock for preventing contamination from a Rotary Evaporator.You may want to add a couple of 4mm holes at the base of the inner tube to allow solvent to drain back into the evaporation tube, you may want to also add a sintered disc above the lower joint to avoid foam carryover into the condenser. There is just one example, but this type of work is routine for us, so please do ask!

Manufacture is to ASTM* standards, which are generally above ISO* requirements.

Borosilicate Glass 3.3, quartz available upon request.

*where applicable