Premium Grade Laboratory Products

A PLUS® is a UK brand of premium laboratory glassware. This range is inspired by those who perform cutting edge scientific work and appreciate that the best value is found as a combination of price and quality. We really hope that you enjoy using the glassware as much as we imagine you do!

Our Products

Our ranges are developed for practical use by discerning clients. The manufacture and development is actioned by people that care about their work, and we endeavour to produce a consistent product of high quality; our favoured glassware is a heavier wall than the average, with extra care paid to the joints.

Jointed Ware / Interchangable

Laboratory glassware with interchangeable joints, ground to make the best glass to glass connection between laboratory equipment. Numerous products and sizes available.


Heating & Monitoring Equipment through to wall mounted laboratory scaffolding.

Museum Jar

Glass storage jars with the finest glass to glass connection that we can muster.

We try not to over-egg the custard, but remain quietly confident that our products are of a quality level that is globally competitive with premium ranges in the market place.


We are highly skilled glassblowers, we make what you ask us to make.
Stock items are simply bespoke items with higher quantities. We try to manufacture for chemists by badging on joints where we can and leaving the business end of the product clear to be viewed.
We care about what we produce – it’s our life and we try to do it well. As a chemist, we hope that you enjoy the products that you use as much as we imagine you do!

Core Range

The large and impressive A+ premium range is adaptable to most scientific requirements.
We carry a core range of stock items, with the remainder being made to order. If sufficient demand is apparent, that product will become a stock item, or when adequate planning and dialogue has established firm ongoing demand, then we will turn the item into a call-off line.

Product Range

We have a substantial range of items and are confident that we cover most bases.
If any product in our standard range needs a small, or indeed significant modification, then we will ensure that you have the perfect piece of glassware for your procedure – Please do ask, as we are here to help you.